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LOGIQ Tooling

                                  Solutions for

                                  Oil and Gas


                                       The oil and gas industry has suffered considerably over the
                                       past years, due to the global economic crisis that left the major
                                       manufacturing players -  both from the upstream and downstream
                                       sectors -  having to meet low market requirements for new
                                       reserves, while cutting severely their workforce, machinery output
                                       and further development.

        A positive shift in 2017 set new demands from well-    To meet the call from oil and gas component
        known offshore deep-water oil and gas exploration      producers for increased productivity and goods output
        companies for rig components such as pressure          while maintaining a high degree of quality, reliability
        heads and valves, Xmas-tree and wellhead valves,       and safety in the manufacturing process with a low
        and manifolds, which all are made from or with         rate of reject parts, ISCAR has developed a wide
        nickel-based exotic materials that can resist extreme   range of innovative tooling solutions that are designed
        conditions such as high-low temperatures, high         to simplify production, reduce costs, and maximize
        pressure, and most  - if not all - abrasion and        productivity in this challenging sector.
        corrosion side-effects.

                               DUSTRY 4.0
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