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A revolutionary parting system designed for            straightness,  and features high stability -  especially
        increased productivity, LOGIQ-F-GRIP comprises         when parting large diameters. The new patented
        a robust tool block carrying square blades that        blades reduce cutting time which leads to material
        feature four pockets, with a unique parting concept    savings - for instance, a 120mm bar can be cut with a
        capable of parting off up to 120mm bar diameter to     3mm blade with HF (high feed) inserts at a feed rate of
        optimize performance.                                  up to 0.4 mm/rev (.0157ipr).

        LOGIQ-F-GRIP is simple to mount and operate on         The HF  tangential single-ended insert was developed
        all machine types, including multi-task and machining   to enable highly efficient parting at very high feed
        centers on X-AXIS, without any need for special        rates, by use of a unique chipformer technology. A
        adjustment. The system enables the mounting            secure clamping design uses a tangentially orientated
        of both TANG-F-GRIP and DO-F-GRIP blades on            pocket to facilitate pocket life that is three times longer
        the same blocks.                                       than that of any other conventional self-grip system.
                                                               This robust clamping method enables machining at
        The square blades possess a support system that        high feed rates and provides excellent straightness
        provides totally vibration-free grooving and parting.   and surface finish characteristics, while the flat top
        LOGIQ-F-GRIP also saves on setup time as, in cases     configuration prevents chip obstructions under all
        of pocket damage, the block’s configuration allows a   possible machining conditions. The HF insert features a
        blade to be rotated to a new pocket without setup.     new insert chipformer to allow unobstructed chip flow,
                                                               which increases insert and blade tool life and leads to
        TANG-F-GRIP is intended for high feed parting.         very high productivity gains.
        It extends insert life, improves surface finish and part

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