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PARTING                                              FASTER

                                  with LOGIQ-F-GRIP

                                       Always at the cutting edge of developments in the field of cutting
                                       tools, ISCAR introduces a revolutionary system for parting and
                                       grooving operations.

        Parting and grooving are essential aspects of the       comprehensive range of highly effective parting and
        turning process and the metalworking industry faces     grooving solutions that include an extensive choice
        a constant challenge to integrate methods that will     of insert geometries, chip breakers, and carbide
        increase efficiency and decrease downtime for these     grades - and the range continues to expand.
        popular operations.
                                                                With Industry 4.0 demands and standards fueling
        ISCAR fully understands the importance of parting       industry development at extraordinary rates,
        and grooving operations in the turning process          ISCAR has introduced new parting and grooving
        and that multiple factors need to be considered for     technologies capable of integrating seamlessly with
        every application, including machine tool selection,    the new wave of machining centers that work with
        the type of material being parted/grooved, required     incredibly high speeds and feeds. LOGIQ-F-GRIP
        depth of cut, and feed and speed rates. ISCAR has       has been designed to answer these needs and to
        responded to these complex needs by developing a        achieve high productivity and lower costs.

                               DUSTRY 4.0
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