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VER 1 - 2019

        Parting 4 Productivity with   Fast Feed Milling        Exchangeable 3 Flute        Making Tracks: New Cutting
        LOGIQ-F-GRIP                 Tools For High Metal      Head Drills                 Tools for the Railway Sector
        A revolutionary system       Removal Rates             The new LOGIQ3CHAM          ISCAR's projects for this key sector
        integrating a comprehensive   Four new Fast Feed tool   family, designed to significantly   incorporate essential elements to
        range of highly effective parting   families and existing line   increase productivity and reduce   fulfill the need for layout solutions and
        and grooving solutions [p. 4]  upgrades have been developed   machining cycle time [p. 22]  efficient productivity [p. 34]
                                     to maximize efficiency [p. 16]

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